the WORST "in the hole" futures contract once you enter a position this...

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  1. the WORST "in the hole" futures contract once you enter a position this...the minute you 'buy or sell' the electronic 30 Year TBond...immediatelly in the hole $31.25 plus commission...this is a 'per tick' calculation...even the ES, ER2, Gold, CL does not put you in the whole that much immediatelly after you enter a position on the 30 Year takes much GUTS to trade this 'big boy'...any thoughts?...I know the huge SP500 might be more but of the highly liquid (volume) contracts...this is the MAMMOTH one...even the DAX does not put you in the hole that much...thoughts?..agree?
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    I think they made the tick size half of that recently.
  3. I disagree in that you can trade this with a small account;you have to adjust for the larger size spread, less contracts, larger target. Keep stops tight and let your profits run. Try some of the illiquid options some time if you want to get reamed coming and going.
  4. Guess you already gave up on oil futures huh? Why am I not surprised.

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    This guy switches markets about twice per week on average. I believe I'm going to put him on ignore, so I can skip his endless amount of stupid questions.
  6. That is the main reason I started trading it 10+ yrs ago.

    That is the cost of doing business.

    Unfortunately when the half ticks go into play I will probably leave it behind for good. The 10yr already is 1/2 32nds and has 4X - 6X the volume, the 5yr also has 2X the volume, so I cannot see any benefit to the 30yr since it hasn't been the benchmark for many years.

    Make 'em pretty, Chris
  7. He did switch to ags briefly before the current run into bonds (you might have blinked and missed it).
  8. I did. Miss one day at ET and Increasenow has already tried and moved on to a new market :)

  9. Sir...what contracts do you trade?...I love this stuff!!!
  10. Loving it and buckling down and doing the work are two VERY different things. Perhaps you'd be better served focusing than starting new threads about every futs contract around?


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