The worst environmental catastrophe in human history has started.

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    This article was written just over a week ago warning about what could happen with a toxic dispersal agent that BP uses called Corexit 9500. BP is using millions of gallons of this stuff and its now getting into the rain. Its 4 times more toxic than oil and people from texas to florida are reporting the rain is a little "oily" and their windshields are smearing when they use their wipers. When this gets into the food & water supply, its going to get bad and alot of people will get sick.

    Any of you living in the southern states should be also seeing "oily rain" right now if its raining in your area.
  2. BP just destroyed the southern United states, even the Soviets and chinese couldnt do it
  3. Leave it to the British to ruin everything. :D

    Might be a good thing for me though. Now all those residents will be moving out of their states and maybe come to California and raise our tax base. :D
  4. History keeps showing that corporations need a babysitter -- one that they don't bribe towards letting them do whatever they wanted in the first place. Andrew Cuomo.
  5. Not likely. People go to California to receive all the lavish bennies, not bolster the tax base.
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    Yeah this is a huge bummer. Count me as one of the saps who was upset by the pelican picture yesterday.

    I've got two main thoughts on this:

    1) I wouldn't mind paying 5-dollars a gallon for gas if it meant we could stop *all* offshore drilling.

    2) Could we please start drilling Anwar? Drilling on land is far safer. I would support a total ban on offshore drilling if they would open up the Anwar site. The whole drilling site would only be a few acres and a single road is required.
  7. You know how you can tell this is a bs article, the following line:

    "Reports are also coming from the United States that their government is secretly preparing to evacuate tens-of-millions of their citizens from their Gulf of Mexico States should the most dire of these scientific warnings start to come true."

    The government didn't evacuate people from Katrina before or even after it hit and they lied about the contaminated air in Manhatten shortly after 9/11.
  8. Although Mayor Ray Nagin ordered a mandatory evacuation of the city, many people refused to leave, which a CNN writer described as "gambling with their own lives."[18] Reasons were numerous, including a belief that their homes or the buildings in which they planned to stay offered sufficient protection, lack of financial resources or access to transportation, or a feeling of obligation to protect their property

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    lol Ray Nagan! Chocolate City Baby!

    Now Murder Capitol of the World. How is the chocolate thing working out down there for ya?
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    The well casing may be pierced... would explain the remote plumes...

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