The worldwide war on baby girls

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  2. this sounds like a business opportunity. i will start a mail order bride service in china starting in 2025. it will allow chinese men to find brides from thailand, vietnam, cambodia and philippines. if china becomes a global superpower by then, as most expect, there will be plenty of rich men who will pay big dollas for this service
  3. here's business opportunity for you:

    if there is war in which more men die than women, then there will be even more money in trafficking women across the globe

    if not, then cloning pretty girls and selling them will most likely be something that some underground businesses will look into
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    Human beings are so ugly.

    Lions will kill the offspring of other male lions, but your own? Even male lions will defend their own cubs.
  5. Savages.
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    Infanticide by parents...
  7. Only the most broke men will find themselves bride-less...