'The World's Most Profitable Hedge Fund Is . . .'

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Wallace, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. "We know its not Paulson, Ackman, or SAC; is it Dalio's Bridgewater?
    No, the world's most profitable private entity that is in business to generate profits via
    speculation in financial markets is, drum roll please, the Federal Reserve.
    Stone & McCarthy (SMRA) estimates the Fed will make around $90bn profits in 2012."
    - more - and that chart !!!
  2. "private"?
    By definition, if the entity returns the profit to the US Treasury, it is no longer private.
  3. While technically not a hedge fund, has anyone beaten Buffett over the long term. Not the fantasy 1-5-10 terms, but going back to the 1960's? The cost of investing should be part of that calculation, and hedge funds charge alot as opposed to Berkshire stock. I am not a giant fan, but I see no reason for hedge funds as most, if not all take a crap before people get their money out unless they are very short term and fall within the guidelines for taking money out.
    Better to be a mildly successful hedge fund manager and reap the rewards than ever invest in a hedge fund. Most fail miserably and by the time you pick the one that made money for a year or two you have lost alot.
  4. When you NEVER sell, you will have more later. :eek: