The world's largest shopping mall, in Guangzhou, China, is almost entirely empty.

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  1. interesting:

    If you thought Minnesota's Mall of America was the world's biggest shopping center, think again. South China Mall is a Vegas-like spectacle built in 2005 that now sits almost entirely empty. In the current economic climate, could this be a symbol of things to come?
  2. I'd say it's a symbol of things that are.
  3. Can't watch it outside the US.:(
  4. Good video. Thanks for posting Vhehn.
  5. clacy


    Zombie Mall.....

    At what point in the build out of this place do you think that guy thought "Oh F*ck!!!"
  6. Never, because the loan the guy got never had to be repaid to government funded zombie banks.
  7. ^Winnar.
  8. ROTFL!
  9. China IS a bubble.

    Soon or late all bubbles go bust.
  10. ElCubano


    All I can say is thank God ( I know, I know vhehn keep your panties on ) that this Mall is not here in Miami. My wife would make me walk the enitre mall...
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