The Worlds Healthiest Foods Begin with Letters: G, C and O

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  1. One day, I was striked by the following letters phenomena.
    Which food has the highest amount of vitamin D, needed when there is no sun? It is COD liver oil.

    Now, COD is an interesting word since it contains all letters which are the closest to the circle or the shape of the sun: C , O and D.

    What are the other super healthy foods which begin with the letter C?

    1.Coconuts (oil and water)
    Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungi, anti-cancer, kills viruses and bacteria. Long long list of various benefits

    2. Chaga mushroom
    The most potent anti cancer food.See david wolfe on chaga.

    3. Cacao
    Super rich in magnesium, antioxidants, resveratrol, zinc.

    4. Curcumin
    Super powerful against cancers and candida. Massive research behind this spice.

    5. Chlorella.
    #1 source of chlorophyll. Whole range of health benefits.

    6. Cinnamon
    7. Cloves
    Two top spices highest in antioxidants per gram.

    8. Chokeberry
    Best source of flavonoid anthocyanin and vitamin P.

    <b>The letter G: </b>

    1. Ginseng.
    Endless list of how it helps the body. boosts libido and immune system

    2. Grapes (and red wine) - highest amount of resveratrol
    3. Ginger - helps digestion and improves blood circulation
    4. Garlic - boosts immune system
    5. Grapefruit - superbeneficial against cancer. great vit C source. Best source of naringenin flavonoid.
    6. Goji berries. See david wolfe research

    <b> The letter O: </b>

    1. Oats. High in Vit A, great source of carbs, fiber and minerals
    2. Onions. Similar benefits to garlic
    3. Oysters. The highest source of zinc.
    4. Oregano. One of the richest in antioxidants
    5. Olive Oil
  2. SteakS begin and end with an S.

    The hell with those weeds. :)
  3. LOL.. Good one!
  4. Similar logic here:

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  5. Steaks are great.
    Plus Salmon and Spinach.
    All three very helpful for bodybuilders.