The world’s biggest exports by country

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    China's biggest export is computers and US Petroleum products? Who would have thought: China is high tech and we are low tech, same as Saudi? o_O

    Regarding these United States, "Petroleum products" (this would include refined petroleum, yes?) does not seem to be top export according to above document (by End-Use category on pg. 7, by principal commodities on pg. 18; not exactly sure what these mean, perhaps someone better versed can chime in)

    I don't think this map is accurate
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    I hate infographics like this. So if you imported a trillion dollars in crude and exported a trillion and one dollars in refined petroleum products this would call that your biggest export, which while perhaps technically true isn't really very reflective of economic activity of a country. Add to that as @kwayker22 pointed out it's not even accurate to the first order. Similar deal with China, for every $100 in price for a computer the Chinese manufacturing portion accounts for a couple bucks, the rest is in the IP, little of which was developed in or accrues to China. But I guess they count the full $100 as a "Chinese export".
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