The World's Biggest Debtor Nations

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  1. 1. Ireland - 1,382%
    External debt (as % of GDP): 1,382%

    Gross external debt: $2.38 trillion
    2010 GDP (est): $172.3 billion

    External debt per capita: $566,756

    i have a brother living with a family in ireland,should he immigrate to canada,or this debt doesnt mean much ?
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    Australia would be better.
  3. Chindia is vibrant and better

  4. Australia is in the list number something,canada not

  5. he is european ,Chindia culture not suitable for living
  6. Why in the world would ya use external to gdp as a gauge to the health of the country???!!!!!!?!?!?!?

    If i had an island country of 10 people and GE decided to incorporate there, that island nation would then rank at the top of that list. But that island nation is not obligated to pay GE's debt if it defaults. So why bother with external debt ??

    Or did Jack Welch hire a goon to go bash Europe because he's still made they didn't allow GE to buy Honeywell years ago?
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    One word -- Wow!
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  9. debt alone is not a good picture of nations financials.

    The difference between a country's external financial assets and its liabilities (also referred to as external debt) is the net international investment position (NIIP).[1] Both public and private held external assets and liabilities by legal residents of the respective country are hereby taken into account. [2]

    A country's international investment position (IIP) is a financial statement setting out the value and composition of that country's external financial assets and liabilities.

    International Investment Position = domestically owned foreign assets - foreign owned domestic assets.

    rank countries by lst column: NIIP in % of GDP.

    wealthiest :
    Hong Kong +353%
    Singapore +224%
    Switzerland +136%
    Norway +79%
    Japan +56%
    China +37%

    ireland, spain, greece, estonia, slovakia, poland,
  10. Could you please provide the whole list and/or the list of numbers to make the calculations?
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