The world's 10 most dangerous countries for women, USA is included

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    India has been named as the world's most dangerous country for women in a survey of global experts released on Tuesday. But it is not alone.
    The Thomson Reuters Foundation survey of about 550 experts on women's issues ranked war-torn Afghanistan and Syria in second and third place, with Somalia and Saudi Arabia next.

    The survey was almost repeat of a similar poll in 2011 which ranked the most dangerous countries for women as Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia. But it now includes also the United States, the only Western country on the list.

    It asked which five of the 193 United Nations member states were most dangerous for women and the worst for healthcare, economic resources, traditional practices, sexual and non-sexual abuse, and human trafficking.

    Here is the list of the 10 countries ranked as the most dangerous for women by the survey, conducted between March 26 and May 4:

    1. India: Tops the list, with levels of violence against women still running high, more than five years after the rape and murder of a student on a bus in Delhi sparked national outrage and government pledges to tackle the issue.
    India ranked as the most dangerous on three issues – the risks women face from sexual violence and harassment, from cultural and traditional practices, and from human trafficking including forced labour, sex slavery and domestic servitude.

    2. Afghanistan, second overall: Experts say women face dire problems nearly 17 years after the overthrow of the Taliban. Ranked as the most dangerous country for women in three areas – non-sexual violence, access to healthcare, and access to economic resources.

    3. Syria: Third after seven years of civil war. Ranked as second most dangerous country for women in terms of access to healthcare and non-sexual violence, which includes conflict-related violence as well as domestic abuse. Joint third with the United States on the risks women face of sexual abuse.

    4. Somalia: Fourth after being mired in conflict since 1991. Ranked as third most dangerous country for women in terms of access to healthcare and for putting them at risk of harmful cultural and traditional practices. Named as fifth worst in terms of women having access to economic resources.

    5. Saudi Arabia: Overall fifth, but the conservative kingdom was named the second most dangerous country for women in terms of economic access and discrimination, including in the workplace and in terms of property rights. Fifth in terms of the risks women face from cultural and religious practices.

    6. Pakistan: Sixth most dangerous and fourth worst in economic resources and discrimination as well as the risks women face from cultural, religious and traditional practices, including so-called honour killings. Pakistan ranked fifth on non-sexual violence, including domestic abuse.

    7. Democratic Republic of Congo: Listed as seventh, with the United Nations warning millions of people face "hellish living conditions" after years of factional bloodshed and lawlessness. Ranked as second most dangerous country for women for sexual violence, and between seventh and ninth in four other meaures.

    8. Yemen: Eighth after ranking poorly on access to healthcare, economic resources, risk from cultural and traditional practices, and non-sexual violence. Yemen is still in the middle of the world's most urgent humanitarian crisis with 22 million people in need of vital assistance.

    9. Nigeria: Human rights groups accuse the country's military of torture, rape and killing of civilians during a nine-year fight against Boko Haram militants. Nigeria was named fourth most dangerous country along with Russia when it came to human trafficking. It listed sixth worst on the risks women face from traditional practices.

    10. United States: The only Western nation in the top 10 and joint third with Syria for the risks women face in terms of sexual violence, including rape, sexual harassment, coercion into sex and a lack of access to justice in rape cases. The survey came after the #MeToo campaign went viral last year, with thousands of women using the social media movement to share stories of sexual harassment or abuse.
  2. What a`s the US gotten into the list and what`s this to do with the psychology?:vomit:
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    In the US an unfavorable response to a man's overture is considered to be harassment. other countries inc. Europe and South America have a much more narrow definition of sexual harassment.
    exclude the above from the definition of sexual harassment and the US falls of the list.
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    You know this is a bogus list. Who created this list in the first place? Truth be told, Sweden and Germany should be in this list and even more dangerous than the US! If you just read the rapes committed by migrants against women including, minors in Sweden and Germany that is being kept hidden from the public in those countries, it is in the thousands! In muslim countries, women have little to no rights and believe it or not, some women in the US actually, believe that Sharia Law is good? There are a lot of crimes in the US committed against women because of sex trafficking which is one more reason we have to enforce strictly, our immigration laws! Also, gangs from other countries that cross the US border commit a disproportionate share of crimes against women in the US. A lot of the extreme liberal women who want open borders for the US are putting the whole US at grave risk. If you think it is bad now even with a President Trump doing his utmost to secure our borders, how much worst will it be if Democrats regain power and just flat out opens our borders?
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    Wrong. For all countries the same criteria were used. Not the stats of each country.

    The US has Trump and Weinstein. They managed to get the US in the top 10 list.
    France to fine men up to €750 for wolf-whistling
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    Brits can go to jail now for up-skirting.
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    Perhaps you should get your news from a source other than Fox News. After Trump and Fox News announced about the rapes by immigrants in Sweden, the Swedish government responded that they had no knowledge of that. After Trump stated that immigrants had driven up crime Germany, Germany responded that current crime rates were the lowest in 30 years. Also, in the USA, immigrants, both legal and illegal, commit crimes at a far lower rate than US citizens.
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    Okay. If you say so. Of course, liberals never lie? The governments of Germany and Sweden has been suppressing the reports of rapes even to the point of threatening their own police not to report that statistics on it! Ignorance is bliss so, enjoy. I live in the US so, will protect my family as I see fit!
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    Yeah, right. The liberals are lying, the Swedish government is lying, and the German government if lying. Only Fox News is telling the truth.
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