The world wants its gold back!

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    Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Germany have made clear that the Anglo-Saxon financial system’s doom is only a matter of time. Interestingly Germany is the 2nd largest holder of gold in the world. But has the US been selling gold to supress the price? It looks that way.

    China is also demanding their gold back from London. Everyone is paraniod now. These countries remember what happened just 40 years ago when the US told all the foreign nations that they could no longer get the gold for their US dollars.

    All the countries know something big is coming and everyone wants to be prepared. I think the US is not going to give back gold to all the countries that are demanding it. He who has the gold, makes the rules, right? If the US dollar collapses, why would they give the gold back? They need it for the new dollar that they will back it by.
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    Where do they get it back from?

    Fort Knox is empty, so the rumor goes.
  3. Look at England. Now why the hell did Brown do this in 2007?

    "GORDON BROWN is to face questions in parliament after revelations that he disregarded advice from the Bank of England before he sold off more than half the country’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market. "

    Is Brown a dumbass or a puppet? Who got the gold?
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    There is a difference in shipping my gold home now and 1971. In 1971, those who asked for gold and approved before the announcement of Nixon would have got their gold back.

    If those gold had not been tampered with or sold and ended up as ornaments with the Indian or Japanese ladies, they will get them back.

    Gold now not only rules but may be the Go$d of finance!
  5. Since this article came out, the GBP has been falling like the USD. I think they sold at the bottom of the market to keep gold prices down The dot com was looking shakey already and the banks must have known there was a bubble about to pop. Keeping gold down would stop anyone from thinking that inflation was going to happen. It worked too. Nobody said anything about inflation during that time.