The World Strongest Man, in the Olympics!

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  1. Who will be the world strongest man in the 2012 olympics?
  2. No idea, but I saw the top American female lifter was NY Jet center Nick Mangold's 22 year old sister. She weighs 330 pounds and finished 10th in the super heavy weight category. She had a combined total of 529 pounds in the snatch and clean and jerk, despite a torn wrist tendon.

    He was asked who was stronger, him or his kid sister. He sadi he thought he was but wasn;t about to get into a contest with her for fear of injury.

    She played offensive line on a state champion high school football team.
  3. The fat iranian weighs 365 pounds and lifted 545 pounds which was about 150% of his body weight.

    The little North Korean Om Yun-Chol that weighs 122 pounds lifted 369 pounds which is 300% of his body weight.

    The North Korean guy is the strongest man.
  4. Was there some booing of the Iranian guy?
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