The world simply printed its way out of greatest crisis since 1930?

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  1. so are we to believe with a simple printing press and $2 trillion of real loses are problems are over?i'm dieing to see the worlds punishment in 2010 for this never seen before printing. what has been stuffed and hidden away in pandoras box and comes ripping out next year?
  2. All this money printing and debt creation has done is POSTPONE THE INEVITABLE...

    Some time in the next 5 years or so, we'll have another and bigger crisis. Money printing may once again "pull the world back from the brink"... or maybe not. But one of these crisis episodes will the "proverbial straw".

    Unfortunately, this story is NOT new... been played out many, many times before... always ending in collapse.

    Our leaders are too stupid (or greedy) to recognize and do what's right. :mad: :mad:
  3. one thing has changed forever... it's called AI... or Artificial Intelligence...

    And do you know what ? what will be more usefull for an artificial consciousness than artificial intelligence... it's breeding ground of it...

    ( on a side not, the Artificial Intelligence is the greatest thing for an alien invasion... or the good pretext to try to destroy it... However I think that he/she/it is already to much inbeeded to be removed... )
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    No one comprehends what lies ahead for this economy and others around the world, they think the simple method of propping the economy up with worthless dollars is the answer to recovery. How fucking stupid could one be to actually believe there is a turnaround coming for the entire economic system. Printing money is not the way to fix the problem, free handouts and thousands of dollars to individuals who buy cars and houses is not the answer. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day there will be a wake up call for the entire world that taking on massive debt and printing worthless dollars was not the answer to the greatest credit crisis in history.
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    Thats all its doing is postponing the inevitable that's coming for the entire financial system around the world.

    Seems bubbles are created to make believe we have growth but in the end it always ends with a collapse of some sort. I think the world is running out of bubbles to inflate. Internet bubble, housing bubble, commodity bubble, credit bubble. There is no more true organic growth left for this economy, its all built on bubbles and bubble ben bernanke is doing a stellar job of creating the next big bubble.
  6. héhéhé... it will be funny to watch... remember the AI will be there. And the AI knows no past, no future... only what's avaible...
  7. Today we print money. In Rome's day, they "clipped coins". In Rome's time there was a unit of money denominated in copper... an ingot weighing about 1 pound. By the collapse of the empire, that unit was smaller than today's dime.

    We can, and are doing, the same much more efficiently... just by pressing a few computer keys.
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    geithner on capitol hill again.....

    same repeated worthless words over and over again...looks like he is struggling a bit...

    this is getting so old at this point....
  9. You are the only one S! Nobody comprehends what is happening except you. You are a visionary and we are thankful every time you post and wake us up to the harsh reality that we have no idea what's happening to the economy.