The World Is Overdue For A Currency Crisis: Jim Rogers

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  1. Jim Rogers -- who has just gone long the dollar -- does a good interview with TechTicker explaining his surprising new trade. Among other things, he expects a major currency crisis in the next year or two, and he's still uber-bullish on gold.

    "It wouldn't surprise me at all to see a nice rally in the dollar,” says Jim Rogers. The legendary investor tells Tech Ticker he has started to accumulate more greenbacks as of late. Rogers is still negative on the long-term fundamentals for the dollar, noting "the U.S. is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world."

    But "when everybody is on one side of the boat, invariably you should run over to the other side, for awhile," he tells Aaron [Task] in the accompanying video.
  2. I'm surprised that he was bullish on gold. Recently, I emailed him and asked where an individual with gold could sell it at the spot price. He had no idea. He hemmed and hawed and said I would probably have to get it assayed. :confused:
  3. wow. u emailed him and he replied?

    Who are u?:D
  4. He replies to a lot of people. As long as your letter isn't derogatory, you should get a reply from him.
  5. Email: Jim Rogers (
  6. Just out of curiosity, what does hemming and haweing look like in an email?
  7. He is not 'long the dollar' in the sense those on ET tend to think.

    He just did a long interview with Bloomberg and what he said was he 'owns more dollars now than I did before.' He explained it was meant to be a 'trade' but that it was probably ill advised because he is the 'worst trader in the world.' Said he has bought some dollars because everyone is so bearish on the dollar it is vulnerable to a short-covering rally.

    What I took from his comments is that he has a small, unleveraged position in the dollar. In contrast previously he has said he owns 'almost no dollars.'
  8. Daal


    Yes, he is just not converting all the speaking fees he is collecting, and perhaps buying a little
  9. Jim's a good guy, but he is always pushing his book.

    I wouldn't listen to closely to what he has say due to the agenda.

  10. I fondly recall many years ago when he told an interviewer on CNBC that Kudlow was a liar.

    Suffice it to say that he disappeared from CNBC for quite a while.:D
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