The world is not going to end

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    These are difficult times. They may get worse. All indications are they will.

    In times of crisis the actions of individuals carry greater weight.

    As such act responsibly.

    Those of us who live in western democracies have a duty to make sure above all else that democracy survives. For it is the last best hope for men. For all its failing as a social system, no system has brought more prosperity or freedom to the world then western democracy as modeled in the U.S.

    Many including myself are not happy for the results of the U.S election. Some wonder what the current administration is going to do. No doubt as a free market capitalist the direction of the world particularly the U.S. is very concerning. Coupled with a President Elect who has socialist leanings some fear the worst.

    However, do not panic. Do not spread fear.

    A democracy is only as good as its citizens. In the end if we fear our government or we undermine its future we undermine ourselves.

    Yes the western governments have done great damage. But be optimistic that their time will come.

    What we want from this crisis as a result and it may be a long while before the fruits are realized:

    1) Smaller more limited Governments
    2) Respect for individual property rights
    3) and as result guarantee of individual liberties

    Our western governments are founded on these principles. Our efforts then must directed into bringing them inline and taming the beast. Not hoping they fail.

    These goals will not be realized if we stoke fear, panic and hopelessness. Many discuss hoarding food, metals, and ammunition.

    It's still a free country, but do you think that a worldwide collapse would be best for your children.

    Keep in mind what your words and your actions send to your neighbors and friend.

    If democratic society fails, there is no hope, what will rise in the ashes will be a return to tyranny, many will welcome it at first as relief as those who did in 1917, 1934.

    If we remain engaged in our respective democracies change will come, to borrow a much maligned phrase.

    Study your history. Those who tried to whole up, in their collapsing societies, were the first ones hunted down. The Landowner is the first casualty in a revolution.

    Do you think if there is a failure that you alone will hold off the masses, who come for what you have?

    There will be no failure, no panics, no anarchy if we behave as logical western free men.

    Our governments are not failing we the people are failing. This is a crisis of people, of trust and faith.

    The end results are our's alone.
  2. I don't know what you just said,
    but wheres your focus on making money , all I read are beliefs in some imaginary system called democary, in the end you still have to pay rent, with your hard earned money.

    focus on making money or preserving it, not beliefs and hope for democracy or something of that nature
  3. So those are my future choices....I can be a rich landowner who will be hunted down and killed, or i will be a starving poor person who kills to feed myself/family and should i ever kill enough people to have a nice little store of food, i will be killed by people poorer than me for my food.

    Sounds like the end of the world to me.
  4. "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried"

    Winston Churchill
  5. There could be a tax revolt that would result in much smaller government. That would be one good outcome, assuming the constitution is the top legal document still.. and tax revenues could just fall off so badly that government has to shrink.. that would be a good outcome too, assuming the government is focused on basic law and order and not welfare...