The World is a short!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bat1, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. bat1


    Just Short it!

    you name it besides GoLD


    iT'S so easy to make money
    these days....just short it!
  2. NoDoji


    I'm long PWRD. I sure hope the Perfect World isn't also a short :eek:

  3. I shorted TSLA. I hope your right! :D
  4. TSLA down 10% I'm getting rich! Thanks.
  5. NoDoji


    You can buy a Tesla!
  6. Marin88


    good for you, is it too late to short TSLA ?

    It's very tempting... you know
  7. drcha


    Looks like you can even short gold now, too :)
  8. schizo


  9. A company bleeding $10 million per month, CEO said he was broke and now they just raised $220 million dollars with the IPO. So that gives them about 22 months worth of breathing room. Less if the CEO gets tired of living the poor life and starts giving himself bonuses (not to mention back pay) They also said this company wouldnt turn a profit until 2012 which means if the money doesnt last until 2012, they will have to dilute the shares.

    Only thing this company has going for it is a cool looking car which they only make about $5,000 profit for every one they sell.

    Trying to sell a $109k car during the greatest recession the world has ever known cant be easy. Not to mention they owe the DoE almost 500 million dollars. The IPO money wouldnt even pay for half of that.
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    Good choice!
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