the world has redefined what risk means

Discussion in 'Trading' started by john12, Jun 3, 2007.

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    we've all become so numb to markets ever falling its changed the meaning of risk. we go to bed every night knowing the market won't be down in the am. we laugh at any drop as we know its a buying opp. the spread in credit risks is the lowest ever with junk paying almost the same as aaa. the world has become so confident nothing can stop this mania its been self fufilling for a year. but we all know something will stop it its just we don't know what
  2. ....and when
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  4. congrats once AGAIN to all those who play the ZERO RISK buy dips free money system $$$$
  5. 45 out of 45 are better than mrmarket himself...shit he should be bringing YOU his finest meats and cheeses...:p
  6. Awesome call bro! I feel the same, I love this market, I love capitalism and I love the new economy. Free $$$ for everyone.
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  8. stop hating and go make some risk free money from uncle ben!!