The world has gone mad! Mad I tell you!

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    You forgot to mention Obama getting the presidency as well. This is a prime example of America on crack!!!
  2. The liberals at Harvard WILL do that if they decide they want to lol. Agree with the comments about Obama's stuff being BS.
  3. 1938 Adolf Hitler
    1939 Joseph Stalin
    1942 Joseph Stalin
    1979 Ayatullah Khomeini
    1990 The Two George Bushes
    2006 You
    2007 Vladimir Putin

    I think he's the only central banker on the list??
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    If you did a little research, you'd find that Hitler and Stalin were former persons of the year as well.

    The selection has nothing to do with the person's admirability. Time selects a person who "for better or for worse, ...has done the most to influence the events of the year."
  5. OK then, when you consider that Bernanke was one of the primary causes of the economic meltdown, then I can see why.
  6. The financial world's version of Munchausen's Syndrome By Proxy.
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  8. I used to read Time magazine all the time when I was a teen, it was good and informative. Today, I read a few to check back on it, whoa, it was so bad. Crude reporting, softball subjects and questions. It had 0 journalistic pedigree, just a bunch of stories flattering someone or something.
  9. I think that there is a general public impression that Bernanke prevented another great depression and that the economy is now on it's way to recovery as evidenced by the stock market rally. Either Time magazine naively subscribes to that belief or they are bought and paid for by the financial powers that are benefitting from the Fed's policies. If Bernanke truly is the economic wizard that Time proclaims, I hope he has some more tricks up his sleeve, because he is going to need them in the next couple of years.
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