the world at war

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    Great series, I've watched it several times.
  2. Anyone seen the Apocalypse documentary?
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    This one?

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  4. This was the one of the few programs on Nederlande Ein when I was in the Army in Europe. Well, that, and the Partridge Family. Oh, that Danny.

    Anyway, it was and remains superb. And it was on the other night. I still have a crush one Trudi, Hitler's secretary. At least she was secure in the fact that that one nutted paperhanger wouldn't make a pass at her. Although I hear there was a time when he confided to her that, if Copy machines had been invented, he would have her sit bare - assed on the glass, and mail the copy to Goering with "Guess Who" written on the bottom (In German, Of Course.). Not many people know it, but Der Fuerher was quite the prankster.

    It's great that for archival purposes, the participants were lucid, young, and now are on film for ever. It is amazing footage.