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  1. Another wonderful PM from our good friend Maverick, telling all of us how to live our lives and how to mourn our dead loved ones who perished on 911:

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    Re: 911

    Waggie, get over it already will you? Thanks. The Jews have moved on from the Holocaust, the blacks from slavery, and you too Waggie need to get on with your life. You were not there, I was. Stop pretending to be a victim when you are not. I do not and will not feel sorry for you. Grow the fuck up already.

    And yes, I will keep on you as long as you keep posting trash about Iraq and the war on terror. See, unlike you, I actually want to live in a safe world where my country is free from terror. Your attacks on this adminsitration is becoming really old really fast. I never thought of myself as even a very big supporter of Bush or this administration until your relentless attacks. Now I find myself defending them every day because of you. You need to wake up man and stop pretending that you know how the world works because you don't. You don't have a fucking clue.

    Funny how you don't mourn the dead from the 1993 WTC attack. Funny how you don't mourn the USS cole bombing and those that were killed. funny how you don't mourn the US embasy bombing in Africa and those that died. Funny how you don't mourn the victims of the Oklahoma city Bombing. Now why is that Waggie? Oh, my bad, those happened under Clinton's watch. How sad Waggie.

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    There goes Waggie, posting private PM's in public again like the piece of shit he is. Of course no big deal, nothing really private in that PM so not that big of a deal but still, this guy has no class and no integrity.

    However, I reiterate what I said in that PM, Waggie get a f*cking life and move on will you please. Go get a shrink and deal with your psychological problems. You clearly are bi-polar and you need to be on prozac or lithium. You need serious help. A public message board is not the place to work out your own personal problems, do them in private. For the sake of this message board, please. And good luck with that, we are all rooting for you. I'm being serious this time.
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    Oh and btw, on a side note, the reason I attacked Waggie on PM is because I was trying not to attack him any more in public. I was trying to take our little fight private so the message boards would not be littered with trash talking for the next 6 hours. So what does Waggie do, he takes the PM and posts in the public forum. so now we have to keep going back and forth on a public thread probably to the dismay of most ETers. I have PMed Waggie a few times in the past and he never likes to respond on PM, he always goes back to the message boards which leads me to believe he is nothing but a drama queen. He really likes the attention. He is not interested in arguing in private. Just thought I would make that clear before everyone wonders why this thread exits. I tried to take it to PM and Waggie brought it back to the threads. Good job Waggie!
  4. Gee Mav, thanks so much for telling me from your piously high pedestal that you were at the World Trade Center, and I was not.

    Also thanks for letting me know that I was not a victim.
    Perhaps you might want to tell that to the family of my best man and my father-in-law.
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    Waggie for the last time, get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, you are not a victim, your best man's family is. Christ man, seek help now. right after the market closes run to the shrink instead of to the top of the hill with view overlooking Berkeley that you like to post so much about. Skip that hike today and go to the doctor and get on medication for this problem you have. I'm dead serious dude, you really need help. I know many people who are bipolar, this is not meant as an attack on you. I'm trying to help you man.
  6. Man, maybe they should reconsider this Gay Marriage thing...

    You two bicker like Archie Bunker and Edith! j/k :D
  7. Leave it to a lowlife like Maverick to tell people whether or not they lost loved ones on 911.

    Remember, he was there and I was not.

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    Dude, you are not a victim, put it to rest already OK? Thank you.
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    Waggie, just out of curiosity, I didn't know that you are or were married. When did you get married? I am hearing that you were never married. Could this be true?
  10. 7-year-olds are not allowed to marry, Mav. Even in Vegas, as far as I know.
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