The words "Idiot" and "Moron"

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  1. Just out of curiosity, I did a search and found about 7200 messages with the word "idiot" and over 3000 messages with the word "moron".
  2. and were they all addressing you ?
  3. I once did searches on other more derrogatory or offensive words used in personal attacks...

    It's amazing that they remain at ET even though moderators were participating in the threads or moved the thread to a new location.

    Just type in words in ET search that you know for fact that people have lost their jobs, ruin their careers and sued (case settle for some obscene amount of money in the court system) when used elsewhere in the media.

    However, the words idiot and moron don't fall on my list for such.

    Too bad ET doesn't have it coded into their system a list of words when typed in a message...

    The message is unable to be posted until the offensive word is changed or removed.

    Many forums have this unique feature and it also applies to particular website names with url that are associated with spammers

  4. Take consolation in the fact it is only one poster. "There's one in every crowd". You'll probably find only about a half-dozen personalities on any MB.
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    Guffaw! That's cold, dude, cold.

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    Compared to that about 95% traders losing money, those numbers are pretty LOW..... :)
  7. What kind of moron would waste time on such a stupid search?

  8. The previous post was in jest pointing out the lack of civility on these boards. I guess it comes with the turf, and that's too bad. It takes much more effort and intelligence to respond with a well thought out post, attempting to change someones point of view.
  9. how about putz?
  10. Hey you morons don't be such idiots by letting words like idiot and moron affect you. This is a free peach society the last time I checked and only idiots would really get upset by being called a moron.

    For most, just consider the source when you are called such meaningless things. I agree there isn't enough good discussion in many of these forums, but to start censoring such drivel would be a waste of time and any resources.

    There, now I have increased the tally number of your meaningless search results.
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