The wolves keep testing

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  1. The hunt is on for their larger, stronger prey. A little nip at the back foot, maybe a bite in the ass, or even at the ear if they can get close enough. The wolves are definitely closing in.

    SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea test-fired four short-range missiles Thursday, South Korea's Defense Ministry said, a move that aggravates already high tensions following Pyongyang's recent nuclear test and U.N. sanctions imposed as punishment.

    Two ground-to-ship missiles were fired from the eastern coastal city of Wonsan on Thursday afternoon, a ministry official said on condition of anonymity citing department policy.

    The North also fired a third missile later from the east coast, but the exact site and the type of a rocket was not immediately known, the official said. Another ministry official — also speaking on condition of anonymity citing department policy — said the North later fired a fourth missile, though she provided no details.
  2. I'm sorry, but are the North Koreans portrayed as wolves in the above news clip? Might I suggest you choose a more realistic comparison? Like perhaps toothless groundhog?
  3. with the bad wolves around, keep an eye on your trexticles!
  4. Eight


    I say blow the castles and don't take credit for it, tell the world it must have been somebody else.. Obama could just give his Alfred E. Neuman look when they ask him if he blew up any castles lately...

  5. So are you saying that nuclear missiles in the hands of a psychopathic leader are of no concern to the U.S.? Is there anything that could be more destabilizing than this except for maybe Iran with nuclear missiles in the hands of a psychopathic leader, or maybe the Taliban/Al-Qaeda in Pakistan with nuclear missiles in the hands of who knows who. I am starting to see a few wolves here and that is a very "real" comparison.