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Discussion in 'Journals' started by RC-trader, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. S&P500 Futures DayTrading Chat Room.
    RC Traders Chat Room

    Do you remember ? : )

    RC Traders Chat Room, again.
    Our chat room is for SP/ES futures DayTrader.

    Almost everyday, I will post my chat room trading result of S&P500 futures Daytrading.
    Because Futures Trading is Risky. The high degree off leverage that is often obtainable
    in futures trading can work against you as well as for you. The use of leverage can lead
    to large losses as well as gains. This is disclaimer.

    I am very happy , I re-start to post here again.
    Please see our past performance.

    Thank you.

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  3. E-mini S&P500 Futures DayTrading

    Sep 29 : LONG

    Entry : 1219.00

    Customer and some New elite user
    will have big win, ha,ha,ha
    RC Logic detect bullish market at very early stage.
    it is easy to win today also : )
  4. E-mini S&P500 Futures DayTrading

    Sep 29 : Close all

    Exit : 1231.25

    Profit was 12.25 pt. I am happy for my user got big profit month.
    It was good advertisement start, ha,ha,ha
    because I start this journal, first day was big profit.
  5. Magna

    Magna Administrator

  6. Oh, sorry,

    I should say, We start advertisement here,
    off cource, I payed advertisement fee to elite trader.

    and My english is honestly not good,
    If you want to correct, Please email me, It is welcome. :)

  7. Prevail

    Prevail Guest

    rc, how much of your curve is out of sample?
  8. LMeyers



    That was a very good call today. Good luck.
  9. To be fair, the S&P was at 1219 long before the 2:00 PM posting, since I trade the E-mini I was following it. WOuld love to see these signals in real-time if RC is willing to post. Otherwise it is hindsight performance.

  10. does anyone know anything about this guy?

    or did he just pay ET to advertise in it's forums?
    #10     Sep 29, 2005
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