The Wildchild Immigration Plan

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    The Wildchild immigration plan is simple.

    Lets bring these people in.

    Lets kick these people out.


  2. The Hate Squad: AOC, the Palestinian Bomber Talib, Hajib Mamma, and the other one.

    I would be willing to outsource their jobs to Hong Kong tomorrow.
  3. I like your plan and I get the sentiment that you are driving at but those people in Hong Kong don't really care about the USA. It is an act of defiance that these protesters are showing against the Chinese government and not them expressing their love of the USA. In short, they are waving American flags to piss off the Chinese government.

    It is still not quite as absurd as Mexicans demanding to be accepted into the USA's society whilst waving Mexican flags on US soil. Nothing says 'assimilation' better than waving a foreign flag and making demands.

    The majority of the Hong Kong protesters will seek asylum in Taiwan well before the USA.
  4. That will piss China off too.

    Would not be helpful to their long (or should I say- intermediate) range goal for Taiwan.
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  5. I agree, that's true.
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    Every single American who wants these "illegal" immigrants in our country, to maintain the sanctity of our "constitution", should be required to take in and house, on their own dime, the entire families of these immigrants, until they become legalized and can pay their fair share. Consider them tenants that you are renting your house to, but you have to live with them, and in which they are living for free.

    You have to pay for every single expense they have.

    This includes their food, their use of your water and electricity, your sewage, your Internet and TEEVEE and fucking SMARTPHONE, their education, their etc etc ad nauseum.

    YOU have to host them on YOUR dime. YOU pay for it.

    If you refuse to, they are deported.

    Let's see how many volunteers there are with that idea in place.


    Who here is going to take the chance of hosting a foreign, unknown entity into their home, with close proximity to your precious children, and pets, and your valuables? Who here is going to pay for a leech?

    If you have documented proof that you are doing this? THEN you can clamor for America to do it, because YOU have.

    I do not believe there is a singular person here who has done this. And neither has most of America, home of the depraved morons who simply think that somebody else is paying for everyone's problems, including their own. Unbelievable.
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  10. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    The Tony Stark immigration plan.

    Phase 1-Deport Wildchild

    Phase 2-Deport everyone who voted for Trump
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