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  1. Very interesting, thanks for posting that!

    Whether the leaking of classified U.S. gov't documents pleases or displeases you (or if you have mixed feelings about the whole affair as I do), this article summarizes what some of those secrets actually are, providing a slightly heightened awareness of international affairs to anyone who reads it... For those rating this thread 1-star; How could you (or anyone) <i>not</i> want to read this?
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    They are rating the author. No one here rates thread content.
  3. When Wiki decides to leak some documents that uncover some real information about the global elitist bankers declaring economic war, wake me up.

  4. Yea, its called attrition or Glenn Becks marching orders "stalk em"!
  5. Oh, I thought that was Acorn...

  6. So is this wiki leaker a patriot or a candidate for the hangman's noose?

  7. I say patriot. However, I suspect it's possible that the contents of the "leaks" were managed. i.e. The government eventually found out the source of the various leaks and used them to "reveal" information which they can pretend like they were trying to hide. Oldest trick in the book, in the stratagems of the Art of War. Could very well be the case here.

    Also, you guys should note the differences between what the Euro media outlets highlight compared to the American ones highlight-

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  9. Yes! Wikileak the FED, the SEC, and HEDGE FUNDS!

    Tell your friends. The common man does have power!
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