the why behind the illinois college shooting

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  1. The shooter "by all accounts that we can tell right now was a very good student that the professors thoughts well of," school president John Peters said on Friday in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America."

    "There is nothing in our system that he has had any counseling," he added. "Motive is the one thing that we're trying to pin down at this point. I really at this point have no sense of that. There is no note or threat that I know of."

    source: reuters

    the student was bored to death, universities are as fucking boring as hell

    one reason, and another he was really really bored

    and another, there was nothing else in life that he wanted to do, and cared to do

    and another, he could care less about other worthless humans before he left this world, so at least he could have one chance of joy in life

    and another, he thought "fuck humans", what the fuck are they anyways

    and ...
  2. Can the admins of this site keep an eye on this mother fucker before he himself blows a piston??

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  3. dude calm down, i was only trying to say what the guy was probably thinking, i too think what he did was wrong by all means no matter what his reasons

    i'm only guessing you are acting all this wacko because i call muslims stupid on other threads, but im not wrong they are stupid
  4. Not at all!!! I too laugh at muslims who get so hung up about their prophet!

    And just before you start "shooting" the messenger, it is you who asked "What is wrong with genocide?". You also went on and explaind that is a "natural process"; if I am not mistaken.

    buddy...Not joking and not making a figure of speech. But if you do not see that you have reached a level that requires professional help, you will pose a threat to the people around you.

    Detach yourself from yourself and read your previous posts in "Politics and Religion". You are disturbed!!!

    And believe me...I am not here to score points.
  5. why you acting all weird and freaked out, you are freaking me out too

    just because something is natural doesn't mean it is right, an earthquake is natural but doesn't give you the right to create one if you could, you can't control most things natural, they happen whether you want it or not, what we can do is learn from them and help secure ourselves in a likely event

    for instance we don't secure our society by making guns illegal, we make it secure by teaching everyone to defend themselves, if we deny that killers are something natural within a society we will then deny the right of having a gun to defend ourselves in future similar cases
  6. maxpi


    Think about it, he assaults a bunch of unarmed and unwary people with extremely deadly weaponry..... from that alone you can conclude that he didn't value life at all... Lots of us hate the educational system, we don't believe what they are promoting, we don't like the inefficiency of it all, the lack of depth in some subjects, etc.. but we never entertain any ideas of killing a roomful of innocents...

    What we know about these POS folk that do that kind of thing is that you quite often find a combination of abuse and brain damage. Verbal abuse of children is very common in the USA and it does a lot of damage, I sidestepped that entirely and never even slightly verbally abused my daughter, I did the opposite, I told her that she is a great kid all her life and she's doing great, nearly put herself through college, she's a hard worker with a good attitude and compassionate..... and I teach her how to keep her antenni up for people like that POS with the shotgun and what to do in all sorts of different events.. she can damage an attacker with her bare hands so bad he cannot avoid going to an ER and subsequent arrest. They are here, they really don't value us at all and they do come out of their little personal hells to attack us on occasion... if more people carried handguns that guy could have been wasted immediately after firing the first shot.

    On the other hand, the professor was likely a limp-wristed, faggot loving, anti-gun, get-whitey's-money-advocate, corrupting the hearts and minds of the youth of America so, yeah the shooter got him first I guess... the day wasn't entirely wasted... :D
  7. thanks for clearing things out
  8. and you call yourself a christian.
  9. from most what i have seen here is how alot of people think

    Mr A believes walmart is cheap
    Mr B believes walmart is cheap

    Mr A opens fire on people at walmart

    oh my god get Mr B too cause he is going to open fire on people at walmart too

    this is just wrong Mr B is not Mr A
  10. I'm sure the family (children/grandchildren/mother/father/wife) of this professor are happy to know that the "day wasn't entirely wasted". You may think you've been a good father to your daughter, but if you taught her even a fraction of this kind of shit, I feel really sorry for her. :mad:
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