The whole world should learn

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  1. This is the Egyptian people. The civility of the collective should be a lesson in history.

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  2. Wow, they are collectively washing a street and picking up garbage while their entire country is going down the drain. So impressive! Too bad it was not invented in Egypt though, the communists tried this approach in Russia about 90 years ago. We know well enough now how it all ended.

    What exactly should the world learn? That the Egyptians are big on meaningless useless gestures and screaming empty slogans into the microphones while their economy is collapsing, their corrupt and totalitarian system is completely dysfunctional and yet they have absolutely no idea how to replace it.

    Cheap theatrical stunts and flag burning are the only things the Arab street excels at. Nothing new and no surprises here.

    The first all-Russian subbotnik was held on May 1, 1920, the one participated by Vladimir Lenin who took part in removing building rubble in the Moscow Kremlin, an episode portrayed in a famous painting by Vladimir Krikhatsky, Lenin at the First Subbotnik, of Lenin carrying a log. Lenin was excited by the idea of subbotniks, regarding them as seeds of free labour of communism.
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    The whole place needs to be hosed down like the monkey exhibit at the zoo.
  4. Of course! Spoken like true fasciest zionists.
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    Thread title: The whole world should learn

    Learn what? How to be ignorant, filthy and abusive?

    No thanks. I choose civilization.
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    Apparently most of the world doesn't give a shit.

  8. LOL! a whole 7 people voted against that thread? The catastrophe!!

    Tell me this Lucrum, how many racist, rightwing, members hang around the P&R section.

    Forget about Egypt, anyone could see you in action against anyone who opposes your neocon UNPATRIOTIC views.
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    None that I know of.
  10. Oh yes you do you naughty boy.
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