The Whole Number...anyone?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SocalTrader, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Here is something interesting. I good trading friend of mine had been asking us to add a filter to detect when stocks are close to the whole number. I really did not think anything of it, certainly that it was something special.

    I started using it and all of a sudden the moves became fluid and more crisp I was surprised but am enjoying the extra green. Is anyone else using this technique? Here is how we approached it

    Just sharing, any and all feedback is welcome.

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    Are you an advertiser on ET? Just curious - you take every opportunity to pimp your service.
  3. Are you a moderator?
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    What does that matter? I asked you a question - why do I have to be a moderator to get an answer?
  5. I was sarcastic...I guess you didn't get it. You just have to know how to read and tell pictures apart to know who is an advertiser on Elite. You see all the pretty little banners under threads on this link those are all advertisers. The reason I was sarcastic is because your previous comment had absolutely nothing to do with the thread I started regarding whole numbers.
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    Actually, I think you are just being a dick. And, as such, I would not consider subscribing to your service. I also think that it is wrong for you to get free advertising when others pay for it. But, that is my opinion - the site belongs to Baron and he makes the decision.

    On a positive note, you do a good job of promoting your service. For someone who is not a paying advertiser, you probably get just as many hits with your (numerous) posts.
  7. I am a dick when I want to be :D. That was the whole point you just said what you wanted to say all along. And that is why I was sarcastic, reading between the lines. You could have PM'd me about advertising question that would have been much more mature and relevant and you would have gotten the same kind of response.

    As far as not using our service......hmmmm ok don't. That is all you!
  8. You're winning customer service and attitued have hooked me. Where do I sign up?

  9. To be frank, I don't care one way or another how much spam is allowed on ET. Everyone has to make a decision as to what is important in his life and how far he wants to go in his attempts to achieve it.

    But you who attack spammers, don't you realize that you are helping them much more than hurting. I don't think those people give a hoot about what you call them or their products. All they see is just 100 more hits to their website every time someone posts a reply to their thread.
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    I think the obvious way to seperate the good from the bad is to ask the promoter to prove what they claim. In this case I would like to see the extra green as it relates to the round number scans. It is one thing to have a good scan it is another to make money off it.
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