The whole equities Prime Broker thing...

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by juniorbroker, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I know it sounds a bit off the wall, but we are a team of younger brokers who represent a hedge fund 500mil AUM, and we no longer want to use our current broker dealer....

    we are all in Europe and are looking for a new setup...but hell or high water no one is sure how to set it up...where we have some ownership...we are not about to just hand over the whole ship to some new broker-dealer or prime broker.

    How can we position ourselves as the introducing broker and then bring this fund and our the various prime brokers and dvp we get a set of conditions...and everything above and beyond that we give to the our take.

    ....some things to keep in mind....the traders at the funds rely on our consulting to even make money and we write their black box they will go wherever we get a good deal.

    Thanks for your time with this dilemma...hopefully a good one to have.
  2. Way to try and be independent...

    Yes there might be some opportunity there, so many of the Primes and Broker dealers in NYC are somewhat sitting and guarding their markets...and not offering anything competent to the newer black box fully electronic traders, esp in those interntl funds that do all exchanges and markets in hybrid arb strategies....very few are competent enough....only GS and ML come to mind for the very upper end, but then I havent done much, although I hear Daiwa in Japan has a good setup.

    Most likely a Swiss Broker-Dealer license will be easier to get and run it through there.

    Good luck and shop that fund around...if its a real deal someone will be serious and help on the setup.