The white whale, Harry Reid holds on.

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    Damn, i wonder how badly he has to screw up nevada before he gets voted out, knew we woluldnt get rid of this asshole but i was still hoping, there might be some kind of fluke.
  2. Like Delaware, if the Republicans hadn't picked a crazy to run against him he probably would have lost.

    O'Donnell caused Republicans to lose a seat in Delaware (Even Bidens son didn't want to run against castle)

    Angle caused Republicans to lose a seat in Nevada

    Palin helped Obama win in 2008,she might do so again in 2012
  3. You're right to a degree. Crazy doesn't yet resinate with Repubs to the degree it works with Dems. With the exception of the complete loon Grayson, the Dems still went for Reid, Pelosi, and unbelievably, Barney f'n Frank. Hopefully the Repubs will learn from this experience and put up competent candidates. Dems on the other hand are pretty much a lost cause unless a guy goes totally off the rails like Grayson. But re-electing Frank after all the damage he facilitated is beyond the pale. Stupidity at a jaw dropping level.
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    Does he still stay Senate leader, or does the the body elect a new one like in the house?
  5. I am honored to be re-elected as the Senate Majority Leader," Reid said. "It is a privilege that allows me to provide solutions to the challenges facing Nevada and the country. I thank my fellow Democratic Senators for again entrusting me with this position. This year has been particularly challenging for all Americans, and with a narrow majority, passing timely legislation has at times been difficult. But I look forward to again leading my colleagues into the next session with a promise of unity and bipartisanship to deliver the results that we as a country need."

    The Senate Democratic Leadership for the 111th Congress:

    Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader
    (Biography | Contact)
    As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will unite the caucus to promote an agenda of opportunity, responsibility and security.

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    Tsing Tao

    pelosi is marginalized into worthlessness. she'll likely quit. frank as well. there is speculation already about the two of them dropping into oblivion. you cannot expect either to lose their seat. they have districts that reside in the heartland of looneyville.

    as for reid, i was disappointed as well. but lets hope he continues doing the "great" job he has been, and nevada reaps what they sow.
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    Pelosi won't run again in 2012. When you lose the House, history has shown they are gone in 2 yrs.
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    The Senate Majority and Minority Leaders are two United States Senators who are elected by the party conferences that hold the majority and the minority respectively.

    floor leaders - The Majority Leader and Minority Leader are elected by their respective party conferences to serve as the chief Senate spokesmen for their parties and to manage and schedule the legislative and executive business of the Senate. By custom, the Presiding Officer gives the floor leaders priority in obtaining recognition to speak on the floor of the Senate
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    What's really fruitcake-ish is that Rengel gets re-elected by a 70% margin!
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    The difficulty the Repubs have with putting up a competent candidate is that they have to a far greater (but shrinking) degree than the Dems come to represent moneyed, read corporate, interests in the public's eyes, whether that's actually true or not. [In that sense, you could say that the more "competent" the candidate is, the less they represent the man in the street.] Today, for the time being anyway, folks seem to be at least vaguely aware of how well a small slice of society has been doing compared to the rest of the pie, and how it's not a issue of merit; their own merit , ie. their productivity, has been rising for a long time. My hope for our future is that the public does not lose sight of that, and also comes to see how much that tiny slice has become government.
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