The White Vote

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    Exit polling from the NY Times:

    • Nationally, five percent MORE white people voted for President-elect Obama than voted for Senator Kerry.

    • +7 in the rural vote for the president-elect over Kerry.

    • In Indiana, the white vote was +22 over Kerry. And, get this, Kerry was +4 better among African Americans four years ago in Indiana.

    • Whites +7 in Ohio. +15 in Virginia. +17 in North Carolina.

    This kills any assumptions from the right that Obama won just because of the African American vote (the Limbaugh "totally about race" argument). It was a powerful coalition of all races that led to victory.

    Posted By Bob Cesca
  2. karol88


    I know some Whites who vote for Obama just to show the world how tolerant, politically correct and not racist they are....yet they stay away as far as possible from the black neighborhood.
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    Well since crime is typically higher in black neighborhoods it could be they simply do not wish to become victims. To me that seems more like common sense then racism.
  4. So ???? your point is ?