The white vote in 2012- who should get it? why?

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  1. Using the logic of the blacks (and many whites) voting for Obama (we're voting for him because he's black), white people should vote for any white candidate. Indeed when Obama's approval rating was fluttering through the 30's, it still held solid at 92% amongst black people.

    Much thought is given and discourse is dedicated to the "black vote", or strategies for how a given party can increase their share of the "latino vote". These groups vote based purely on perceived self interest, and no one faults them for doing so. They have ethnic lobbies which advise on which candidate to vote for based on a very specific view: "what's in it for us"? Blacks ask "what's in it for the blacks?" Latinos ask "what's in it for the Latinos?" They try to determine which candidate will most act in their group interests then collectively vote for them, and no one ever faults them for organizing as a group and pursuing political interests.

    And yet for some reason, in a nation built almost entirely by white people, there is little discourse amongst whites about white political organization, or white political interests, or "what's in it for the whites".

    What do YOU think is in the best political interest of white people? What do you think white people should look for in a candidate? Who would be most likely to act in the interests of white people?
  2. I had no illusions that a black man for President was going to step up to the podium and tell me what he is going to do for the white man. Just don't work that way.

    So the white man is under attack. BFD, get used to it. The white man is fleecing the country, like the magician who with slight of hand "look over here". One hand is taking care of minority interests and that is what they are because cash is king and the minorities haven't any cash.

    Does GS or JP Morgan give a rats ass who is president? White people don't care who is president, hence candidates pander to the minority.

    Does it matter who is President if you have access to money/credit?
  3. You didn't answer any of the questions.

  4. I second Covertibility's question,when was Obama's approval ratings in the 30's ?
  5. Maybe you have Obama confused with Bush or Reagan whose numbers hit the 30's :cool:
  6. I don't know what you're complaining about, you've got the Aryan Nation.

  7. Isn't that some kind of motorcycle gang who's into jewish conspiracy theories?

    How do I "have" them, and what does that have to do with my question?

  8. Any polls that RCP carries had Obama in the 30's ?RCP only inputs credible polls in their averages.They don't carry the polls you posted

    Obama has done far more for white people then he has for blacks or hispanics
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