The white race

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  1. once in a while i see discussions on here that deal with race, and some people have no clue.

    I though it would be fun to show just who is "white" as generaly accepted by the world AND classified by the US Census.

    the Spanish .................... white

    North Africans (Morocco, Algeria, etc)........... white.

    Arabs in the middle eastern countries..... ........white.

    Mongolians............ white

    yet, so often these people are regarded as the unknowing

    betcha most of you didnt know that!!

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  2. lol, you forgot


    no , not Condi
  3. Not all Asians are white.... only the ones in central asia
  4. bump ..............cause i know some of you are totally surprised
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    Not hardly, Japanese people probably have the whitest skin on the planet if they don't get sun.......

    Here's my take on caucsians however.. it's not about whiteness but they rule the intellectual universe to the point where they can tell you that Columbus discovered America..... THERE WERE PEOPLE THERE ALREADY FOLKS!!!!!!
  6. hmmm you're looking at it from the view point of how light ones skin is. Which is not the case. Which is the poit of this thread.

    Japanese are not considered white, while people from north Africa which are darker skin, are classified as white.

    How dark you are has little to do wether you are white or not.

    There are several sub-groups of whites...... E.I, Australian, Russian, European etc.... In those sub groups are sub-sub groups...... like the European whites for instance, few people realize that for this type of whites, there is 3 sub-groups:

    The Nordic... northern Europe
    The Alpine.... middle Europe
    The Mediterranean ...... south Europe

    This of course is classified by minute deviations from skeletal studies.

    Nordic people decided about 100 - 140 years ago that they were considered the "master" race.... IE........ Tall, blond, blue eyed, and that the mediterranean
    whites were inferior.

    The problems was.... for over 2000 yrs, all the most important advances in cities, culture, and technology, came from the mediterraneans .... not the Nordic, who had been considered barbarians for centuries by the Romans.

    The theory that the Nordics were superior died soon died out after that.

    Fast forward to the 1930s Germany ..................... it all started up again, and has continued to this day by small scattered groups called white supremists, KKK, etc .....

    What they dont realize is that when the "superior" whites were living like animals in huts and crapping in the woods......
    ...the Romans were enjoying running water, indoor heating from the floors, fine linens, imported goods from every corner of the know world, and of course had the worlds mightiest army........ up until around 450AD
  7. There are 4 races of H. Sapiens:

    Caucasian - Includes European origin, Arab, Hispanic, most people from India/Pakistan (even with very dark skin)

    Oriental - pretty obvious - China, Thai, Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, Polynesians, but also all the original North/South American natives

    Negroid - SubSaharan African origin

    Australian Aborigine - very few left, but a separate race.
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    yes..the Sand-Negroid..I have heard of them .:)
  9. Hispanic is not Caucasian....spanish is

  10. Um, how is it possible to be a seperate race, if their all h. sapiens?

    I thought that would be called, generally, a sub-species, as the various kind of giraffe are, or different variety of tiger for example.

    But its mutable, its ironic humans have done the job of taxonomic classifications simply by collective&cultural identities, when they failed to even bother applying the same classification standards as they have to the supposed "animal " kingdom, and came up with "race" instead.
    But, like darwin said, "convenience".

    How come the aren't different "races" of rats for example....oh, its because people invented the "rat-race":D
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