The Weiner Has Gone Limp

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Jun 16, 2011.

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  2. Isn't it interesting how arrogant, repugnant, have no respect for anyone, people always seem to do themselves in? Like Spitzer.
  3. BSAM


    Hooray! One piece of shit gone. Now if we could just get rid of about 500 more of 'em, we might have a chance to get our constitution and country back.
  4. Personally I'm glad that piece of shit is gone
  5. olias


    I remember when he was still a young up and comer on the scene...times have changed
  6. well, he was up and coming alright. ziiiing :cool:
  7. olias


    I'm not disagreeing with you necessarily, but why is he a 'piece of shit'? For taking a photo of his package? for accidentally tweeting it? or for lying about it?

    Let any man who has never let his own wiener lead him into questionable activity throw the first stone

  8. As a representative of his country,party and constituents his behavior was disgusting,his lying about it was disgusting and his refusal to step down at first was disgusting

    If he wanted to be a pervert sending pics of his wiener across the internet dont get married and dont ask to be a representative of The US,NY and the democratic party without disclosing those facts.Not only was his behavior disgusting it leaves him open to blackmail and not doing whats best for the people he represents to protect his little secret
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    Hey Ollie...Don't try to defend the indefensible.
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