The weenies are coming!!

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    Thanks for the heads up!
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    Important question though is what will the commissions be. At least in ES, when you make a tick, you also make about $8 for yourself. With NQ, if you make a tick, you get about $1, but at least you covered commissions. With 1/10 the value, you will now need to make a few ticks just to break even if the commissions will stay around $4 roundtrip per contract.
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  3. I need all you guys to trade these, liquidity baby! Or actually the options. Trade. The. Options! :rolleyes:
  4. If history is a guideline, and I am referring to the micro currency and ag contracts, the commissions/fees will be less than the larger contracts. But as you correctly point out, the net breakeven for the micros is more than 1 tick. I'm guessing the .50 cent tic for naz, dow, and russ will require 5 or 6 tics to NET BE. Just a guess tho.

    These micro-minis are aimed squarely at retail. Good for business, but really, only specific types of participants and trade styles.
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  5. What's the excuse going to be now for the perennial emini demo ("on top of the world") traders?
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    Jack W

    Most of the micro's I see these days have such tiny volume. It'd be great if these actually get some traction from the get go.

    PS, thanks OP for the heads up. Glad i joined Elite, lots of good info and folks here. I appreciate all of you.
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    *hiss* Why does volume matter?!? You'll get your fill if you put your order in! Don't try to trade 100 contracts on a micro, mmkay? Just trade a couple, you will get your fills. *starts beating up an inflatable clown, to relieve the stress*
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    ROFL.....whats weather like in Fl?
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