The Week Ahead (Apr. 14-18)...Do you really understand how this...

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  1. All these news events will SHAKE the market:
    *G-7 Meeting talking currencies
    *Oil poised to test 113.00-115.00
    *Euro poised to test 1.59-1.60
    *all these economic news releases this week...
    *after GE follow through as Asia will tank Sunday night into monday USA time...
    *Massive earnings releases from:
    ...the ES breaking of 1350 and then 1340 was a huge level to break through...very huge Bear move...10 Yr note also poised to go higher...comments?...agree...?ES could be at 1290 by next Friday April 18th...
  2. Financial earnings should be interesting... Inflation data too. Maybe volume will pickup next week.
  3. So what did all the rate cuts accomplish?

    Things are shittier than ever over there!

    i.e. Extremely expensive war in Iraq

    Bush is STILL prez (But most of you all wanted it that way LOL)

    People are going broke, losing their jobs and homes

    (.....and no we don't want you Americans down here either)

    Time to commit suicide?

  4. Your endless stream of anxieties seem to have no end and there is not much can be done. Once people become so negative and disturbed they just bring it upon themselves all the misery and lives end up in a gutter.

    Whatever the scenario, Bernanke and Henry Paulson are standing by ready to intercept and hijack the markets back to 1250 and bump the short sellers. Any way you cut it, SPX is not your giddy doll you can rape around forever.

  5. IF you manage to " feel" this way, you can end up going into the gutter and drinking barfed wine.

    PS: Hanging yourself in a $20 motel may be a better alternative. Make sure you buy nylon rope and a cheap plastic stool at Home Depot.

  6. While you sweat on it, I am playing GOOG earnings via a volatility options play. I have consistently made good money in the past and I intend to do it again this time.

    Rest of the earnings means nothing in terms of $$ to be made.
  7. Another poster at ET without anything usefull to say. Must be a losing trader.
  8. The market needs a correction. The Fed can cut it to zero and it will not do a thing.

    There is no way to save the economy, actually US as a whole until the government stop bleeding money. Stop the war and withdraw all the troops around the world. Remove personal income tax and it will stimulate spending due to increase in purchasing power. Have universal health care or at least affordable health care. Health care should be a privilege instead of a luxury item.
  9. If I had to go to Australia I would commit suicide. Land of ugly women and even uglier men!

    Crikey! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah-what an asshole u r!
  10. mokwit


    I just one of those pulls some accounting stunt so that it "beats" earnings estimates that are down 40% YoY there will probably be another 3% in one day rally. Bill Miller and the gang aint done yet.
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