The weasel in chief

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BloodTrader, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Bush...what a sad, sorry excuse for a man, never mind for a President. He's made a huge mess of everything he and his puppet masters have touched. And now he sets up his escape from responsibility. He's determined to make it someone else's problem and he no doubt will.

    You listening to all his recent bullshit with analogies to rewritten Viet Nam war history? Run out the clock Georgie boy and you can walk away and say it's not your fault. There is no justice.

    He truly is (and I think the eventual historical perspective will bear this out) the worst President this country has ever had to endure. But, who knows what the future holds, as the American 'citizenry' gets stupider by the day.
  2. America will take a back-seat to Europe.