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    I think it will be funny 50 years from now when we see these predictions. Here are some REAL inventions:

    1) Food that is genetically engineered so that you actually lose weight when you eat it. And it tastes great.

    2) "Limitless" type pill that raises your IQ 100 points+

    3) Room temperature Quantum Computers

    4) Flying cars that drive themselves

    5) Terra forming Mars and the moon. Limitless resources.

    6) Ready made organs printed on 3D printers. People living to 150+ years old

    7) Star Trek like Holodeks where people take incredible vacations

    etc etc etc
  2. you humans are so optimistic!!!

    first, we will have WWIII and 2 billion will perish. 1 billion more with disease.

    you will only eat on Wed and Friday.

    housing prices effectively down 100%....

    there will be only 1 million people in America with real money. and power.

    the rest will hunt!!!!

    good internet!!!!

    bad news....the monitor will have an infra-red eye that controls the observer.
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    Must read article. Even without room temparature Quantum Computers (whis is an extremely diffifculy problem if not impossible), computer parts can continue to get smaller by several orders of magnitude, which means they will continue to get faster and smaller.

    Still, this is evolutionary, not revolutionary. But it could lead to nanobots that either invade our body for all sorts of useful things, e.g., the "drugs" of the future will have no side effects since they will be nanobots that have the power of a current supercomputer that target chemicals on dividual cells. The nanobots might actually be infinitesimal surgeons as well. Or even replace damaged parts or even enhance ourselves.

    If I could implant a micro-chip in my brain that I could access for computation, I could become the world chess champion, no one could detect it, and I would make millions. "Doping" in the future will require all sorts of scans for foreign objects.
  4. Murphy Brown episodes from 1995?

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    Yeah right? Who the hell was watching Murphy Brown? I guess Convertibility was. Explains a lot.
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    Nitro, haven't you read Ray Kurzweil's book on singularity? This stuff will happen a lot sooner then 50 years.
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