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    Last summer there was a whole of of articles about how the wealth gap between whites and blacks since it has recently risen to a new 30 year record, and this is under the most liberal president since this type of data has been collected. I was reading various blogs and articles and it is amazing that there is a lack of concern from blacks. It shows you that feelings matter most in politics, which is also obvious from the constant support Obama has among his folks. All that really matters is that the guy is black and democrat, the rest is just details.

    What followed was a whole series of the typical intellectual bilge from some of the usual types 'explaining' how of course it was white oppression. I expected that, but what I didn't expect was that whenever I tried to search for the racial reasons that asians are doing bettter than whites (of course EVERYTHING comes from white oppression)


    the lead is always a black-white article. You can just see the pain in the heads of the 'white is evil' folks either trying to ignore this or coming up with some tortured explaination. What therefore happens is that anything to do with race must always be a white oppression of black issue.

    The challenge is can you find an article explaining the asian-black oppression dynamic? or at least why whites would oppress blacks but 'allow' asians more wealth?
  2. There is an entire dynamic behind this "88".

    But because I am well aware that your intent is not to seek information but rather to promote an agenda, I will say to you, the internet is a big place, and google is a great search engine.

    Have a nice day, "88"
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    Of course it obvious to you lefties about this 'dynamic' as I explained, and yes I tried google.

    I see my question is too subtle for you so move along.
  4. You are in no intellectual, political, or fiscal position to do anything about the wealth gap even if you did actually find a solution. But here is some homework for you. Look up income gaps between rural and urbanized Americans, regardless of race. If you control for race, then do that too and get back with us:)
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    I try to be patient, I really do, but when people give back flippant dumb responses then the gloves come off.

    First after I said I searched and came up with a goose egg you said 'try searching'. Now you say I am trying to 'find a solution'...listen meathead, I am not trying to solve or find a solution to the wealth gap, I'm looking for the left's apologetics.

    Let me clue you on something else, when talking about racial wealth gaps people don't care if it is urban or rural money. That with the fact that blacks are more urbanized means you have no point. I will not be getting back with you at all since you have comprehension issues.

    To others who can think- does anyone know how the PC left explains the asian-black wealth gap when they assume that evil whitey runs the show? I really can't find it, in fact I can find lots of criticism of how whites stereotype asians as 'superhumans' but never why whites are 'allowing' asians better economic outcomes. LOL- figure that one out, I guess whites are NEVER allowed to say anything about race unless they are self depreciating.
  6. Are we supposed to be insulted by a Nazi??:D

    Yeah, whatever. :p
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    According to this chart I see the need for affirmative action for Whites. After all, the lead that Asians have over Whites is more than the lead the Whites have over the Blacks.

    The chart has spoken...
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    I'm afraid we'll need a new administration for that to happen. The one we have now hates whites.
  9. Another angry white man. You had a 200 year head start. If you did not make the best of it, just get over it:D
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    I thought man kind emanated from Africa. So...what have the African's done with their head start?
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