The weakness is incredible Fed has screwed us all

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Aaron Copland, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Bears know the fed is helpless, a crashing stock market and soaring commodities. What a fine mess the fed has put us in.
  2. That and Gummint deficit spending... especially "Bush's personal Iraq war", which he charged to the American citizen.

    Bush and Fed are in cahoots on all this.
  3. bdon


    the only people who are hopeless are the sheep who kept buying stocks as the fed lowered interest rates every meeting. This is a clear sign of weak and anemic economy. Yet sheep think growth will be immediate and jump all in. Each cut takes 9-12 months to cycle through into a meaningful difference. The first cut didn't even occur until late last summer.

    Things always get worse before they get better.
  4. empee


    did osama win?


    (He said he would bankrupt us like he did USSR)
  5. Had the same thought myself.

    Of course he and his minions could not defeat us militarily... but he may have dupued us into defeating ourselves economically...

    Can't we elect "leaders" smarter than that?

    APPARENTLY NOT!! :mad: