The weak dollar rally begins

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  1. After losing about 40% of my portfolio in the past seven or so weeks weeks on visa, potash, and coal stocks I'm optimistic that the weak dollar rally that fueled the markets between october 2002 and June 08 will resume with today being the first day of the next huge bull market.

    I said I would leave the forum for good, but I got bored. People probably thinking that after losing lots of money and being wrong that I would have a whole new perspective on the stock market and risk but I haven't changed anything because I see no reason when the economy is still fundamentally strong.


    The screenshot above gives all the evidence you need that the new bull market is here.

    All the smartist, globalist new world order stocks that benefit from a falling dollar surged today. Google, aapl, kol,ewz oil, v, ma ect.

    The hombuilders, transports, and consumer staples were only up a little. This shows that money flow is returning to the strongest sectors while shunning the weakest ones with the expection of financials. Airlines were negative.

    Also keep in mind that the bill will pass at which the dow will surge to 11,500 and the dollar will crater. Then a steady rally to around 14,000 by late 09. The falling dollar and rising oil benefits the stocks I recommend such as RIMM MA AAPL BIDU GOOG PCX KOL ect.

    And web 2.0 is not a bubble. Hard to have a real recession versus a mental one when I cant find any evidence of a real recession. No negative GDP. Millions of people still logging into facebook and myspace.

    So um yea the fake recession and non-credit crunch appears to have ended. It's too bad for me that I didn't sell months ago but there is no need to fret when I'll be in the green by late 2009.
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    Screw you for not keeping your promise.
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    HEY! You're not supposed to be here!!!! :( :confused:
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    plz go away for good like you said you would

    BTW, you are TOTALLY wrong! :cool:
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    Heh, welcome back.
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    How's your GOOG position you bought at 740?

    What about your BIDU at 422?

    or RIMM at 140?

    Everything still working out OK?
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    ok. let's be positive.

    question: why would dollar sell when/if the $700bn fund passes?
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    it won't. dollar is rallying, and will keep rallying. gold has cratered to-day.

    we remain in a bear market....but we are due for a multimonth back in the spring.:D

    election coming, seasonally strong time...all the bad news is in
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    i am not interested in your feelings. i am interested in logical thinking (hopefully of OP).
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