"The Way to Trade"

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  1. Has anyone here spent the $$$ for John Piper's book?

    Not recommending and not trying to sell anything... just curious ... if you have it or read it please let me know. Thanls

  2. I have seen it on the internet and it just looks too good to be true. I signed up for some free service from him and now I get spammed by all of his affiliates !:mad:
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    I did have it - someone emailed me the PDF, but I think it went out the window with my old PC that crashed.

    Glad I didn't spend any money on it really. Interesting for someone yet to place a trade, but if you are looking for 'the secret', I don't think you will find it here. It tries to cram too much stuff into a few pages so never really goes into depth or offers much specifics.

    He does referr to Joe Ross quite a lot, so you may do as well reading his stuff.

    I am re-reading Education of a Speculator. I thought it was dire the first time, but this time I am getting loads out of it. Thanks Mr Niederhoffer!!