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Discussion in 'Politics' started by stox4uall, Feb 21, 2004.

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  2. is this spam?
  3. I hope this is not spam. It is a rainy and dismal day here in CA, and I am in my living room dressed in the uniform of confederate general Randolph McClellan (inventor of the completely useless McClellan Indicator). If I find that this is simply an attempt to advertise your shoddy site, I will beat you about the head and neck with my sand wedge ( or perhaps a nine iron). If you are a larger person, I may use my "Big Bertha" driver as manufactured by Calaway Golf. Either way you will find that spamming is not permitted here on ET. Regards, Steve46
  4. OK, I have look at your crappy little site and found this to be a scam. I intend to appear at your door (in uniform) with my clubs in about 45 minutes (takes a bit longer on horseback). Because I am a true sportsman, I will give you a running headstart, and then I intend to club you into submission with one of my new Ping irons. Your headstart will be the time it takes me to blow a cavalry charge on my bugle. Run cowardly spammer, run. Steve46