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  1. TraDaToR


    Hello guys,

    What about creating a thread to exchange ideas, tips, rumors... before WASDE?

    It is the most important USDA reports, one that triggers massive gaps and incredible volatility, reshaping all agricultural expiry strips... The USDA has been blamed for its effects, especially since the market is closed at time of the release. Any ag trader must take it into account or at least know not to have positions in certain markets at that time.

    So do you have any ideas for tomorrow? Corn crop damaged in Argentina and Brasil triggering bigger US exports into the summer?

  2. kanellop



    Seems that this Report have not any big surprises.

    By my side, i watch a little the South American Soybeans Situation and seems that have been Damage in Soybeans Crops there.

    I believe that possibly,

    a big Damage have get it the Country Paraguay.

    Some Drought Informations can get someone from here: .

    I am Long in some Soybeans Futures Contracts into CBOT for March 2012.

    I have put a Stop Loss around 1200 Cents.

    Now for the Corn i believe,

    that an important role will play the coming U.S.A Midwest Weather Conditions.

    Seems that already there have problems with Drought.

    Some Data for that exist here: .

    Now, let me go to Wheat.

    Exist Weather troubles in Europe, Russia and Ukraine from the tremendous Cold and also U.S.A Regions have Dry Conditions.

    Also, cares my by my side the China Wheat Crop Regions Conditions.

    The past Days i find that Informations: .

    I am Long in some Wheat Futures Contracts into Kansas City Board of Trade for May 2012.

    I have put a Stop Loss around the 681 Cents Region.

    That my small News this hour.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  3. kanellop


    Hello Again, to All.

    I decide to write again this hour some Words.

    Finally, i close all my Long Soybeans Futures Positions and the Long Kansas City Wheat Futures Positions a little time ago,

    in the Evening Session with Losses.

    I decide to speak for that,

    because i do not feel well at all,

    in the Idea that possibly someone in this Forum have open Futures Positions because of me...

    I do not want any Person/s to this Planet to suffer any Losses from me.

    I am trying as hard to survive to the Financial World.

    Trading is a very difficult Aspect and someone must listen only His/Her Self.

    Now, the Fundamental Reasons that speak about them in my previous Comments still exist.

    Someone must watch them i believe,

    for to have a Knowledge for what happens.

    That's the News for now and Good Luck to all the People of this Agricultural Forum that likes me a lot.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  4. TraDaToR


    Same here in KCW July as part of a spread. I am not losing as much as my Short feeders/long cattle spread but it still hurts...LOL.It seems that typical seasonal moves between Minny, KC and Chi wheat in the winter won't occur this year.
  5. kanellop


    Good Morning, Sir.

    I want to notice,

    that until this Point,

    the Seasonal Trade of Long Wheat of Kansas City May with Short Wheat of CBOT May does not go well: ( Number 60 Trade ).

    Before the End of 2011 i hold a huge number of positions relative to that Spread,

    but i closed finally all of them.

    I was quite lucky i believe...

    By my side, likes me about 2-3 Wheat Spreads.

    1) To be Long Wheat of Kansas City with Short Wheat of CBOT,

    2) To be Long Wheat of Minneapolis with Short Wheat of CBOT.

    3) To be Long Wheat of Minneapolis with Short Wheat of Kansas City.

    Minneapolis Wheat i believe that "suffer" from the little Volume.

    But it is a very good quality Wheat.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  6. TraDaToR


    I hold 2 KC-Chi and 1 Minny-Chi spread. Both lost a lot after January's WASDE Drop.
  7. kanellop


    Hello Again, TraDaTor.

    I am right now in the front of m PC and read some Greek Local News.

    I can say that i am tremendous angry this hour with a Greek Person,

    which is the "Leader" of the Opposition Party of "Nea Demokratia" in the Greek Political Arena.

    I blame this Guy ( Named Antonis Samaras ) because,

    their Words are so confused and have make until now a tremendous harm in this Country and not only.

    In the Day that published the WASDE Report,

    that Guy spoke and told that want to be Elections here...

    But in the meanwhile,

    provided ( And still provide ) support in the Greek Government,

    which their Party is a Member!

    I have the opinion that their Words for to be Elections,

    hammer the Psychology into the Grains Markets too...

    Right now, that Guy say to their Party Representatives into the Greek Parliement,

    that tomorrow must Vote over the tremendous Negative Measures,

    that will make the Greek People to suffer in the coming Time Period!

    But many of their Party Representatives have say that will not Vote these Measures...

    Tomorrow, will be a very important Day.

    This hour, i have a small feeling that these Measures wil not Vote it finally.

    That means,

    that the Euro Currency it will hammer it tomorrow Evening with their opening in GLOBEX,

    and i am very happy for that.

    Never asked us here for the adoption of that Currency.

    Also, i hope anytime soon the European Union to ruin.

    Possibly, these News it will not so good for the Grains Markets for some time,

    but Grains always find their Way.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  8. TraDaToR


    Hello George, I got out of part of my KC Wheat position.

    I hope you are alright in Greece and that the people will find a way out( the good people, not the typical hippies who wants to riot no matter what...)
  9. kanellop


    Hello Again.

    I am around here and study some things.

    I am very sad from the Vote that give to these measures the Majority of the Parliament Representatives.

    Now, i am above than sad because some People here,

    had a completely Disaster.

    "Evil" Guys with masks in their Faces created tremendous Disasters in Businesses, very Old Private Buildings and Public Buildings.

    These "Evil" Guys had rip around 40 tonnes of Marbles from Streets and Buildings for to use them in the Clashes...

    I do not know the Damages in Money Cost how big are.

    I am very sure that some People got a Life Disaster.

    Now, the European Union Guys are quite happy from the measures that passed...

    Also, the Area around Greece are in Geopolitical troubles.

    I believe that anytime soon,

    will exist here very big Events.

    Already the Syria is in Civil War and now in Iran have put Economic Sanctions:

    1) ,

    2) .

    The Case to all these is,

    how to react the Grains ?

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  10. TraDaToR


    WASDE tomorrow folks.
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