The "war on Terror"

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    Max E.

    Have yet to see a better description of the insanity than this.

  2. Yea, it reminds me of the dumbass mayor of Boston announcing during the manhunt for tsarnaev, that "terrorism will never change our way of life".. while the whole city was on lockdown. LOL
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    Max E.

    I was watching MSNBC the day after that, and all the far left liberals were giddy about how much better the boston bombing was supposedly handled than 9/11. These were the same people who were shrieking about Bush taking away their rights during his administration, but had no problem with liberals shutting down an entire metropolis to find 1 person after the boston bombing.

    Its funny how quickly the most fundamental principle to america, the one principle that both sides seem to agree on, is sold up river the second one side or the other gets their own guy in power.
  4. haha, like they were even comparable events. besides, how did obama handle the boston bombings?

    I will say this though, the people of Boston weren't forced to stay where they were, they did so voluntarily. The best part: not only could they not id the brother (who they previously investigated, twice) without the public's help, but they had no fucking clue where tsarnaev was until they told people they were giving up for the day and they could go outside. And if they didn't lift the lockdown, he would have fucking bled out in that boat. I've never seen such an overreaction, i wonder what it cost? Imagine if this was a coordinated attack that happened in cities all over the US.. our govt probably would double our debt overnight.
  5. Pretty unbelievable .
    Reminds me , in the small town in which I work there was a gunman on the lose in the business district.
    When I got to our office door it was uncharacteristically locked for mid afternoon, I unlocked the door and went in.

    Upon entering is when the office manager told me of the situation.
    When i finished getting the copies I needed she said "you're not going out there are you ?"
    I said "Of course, I've got too much shit to do to be worried about that."
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    Pad It seems your cartoon relates well to what Soros is warning us about when he says: "...The United States has been a democracy and open society since its founding. The idea that it will cease to be one seems preposterous; yet it is a very likely prospect."

    Here is something apropos I wrote in a July 5. 2010 post
    Quote from piezoe:
    Yes, religious fundamentalists are trying to destroy the US economy and its markets. But that's not news. They have been saying for years now that that is their goal. They did succeed in leveraging a few hundred thousand dollars into, at the very minimum, 4 trillion dollars cost to US taxpayers. Their tiny investment has paid mighty returns. But they are a long way from their ultimate goal of completely destroying the US economy and its markets.

    What is both sad and pathetic is that the terrorists would have succeeded to a much lesser extent had he US response not been so unbelievably stupid. I mean how stupid is invading Iraq after being attacked by a bunch of Saudi fundamentalists?! The whole idea that you can go after religious fundamentalists and eliminate them with conventional armies is absurd. Then too, equally absurd are the billions wasted at airports, to say nothing of all the cosmetics and Swiss pocket knives that have been confiscated and time wasted, when all that was needed was to reinforce cockpit doors and a few other simple precautions. When will the US learn you can't stop everyone who is willing to sacrifice their own life to create havoc no matter how much money you spend on tanks, helicopters, and uniformed dolts at airports. At best, you can only force would-be terrorists to choose other targets and be more creative. There is only one effective defense against terrorism, and that is to treat others in a way that gives them no reason to hate you. When US Corporations persuade the US government to intervene in the affairs of another country, for example by ordering the CIA to kill an elected leader so that another person more sympathetic to US Corporate interests can be installed, THAT is Not helpful if you are concerned about terrorism.

    Never underestimate how dangerous a combination of religion and ignorance can be.

    Revisiting this post, I would have to say that the overriding message is that we ourselves, not the terrorists, are our own worst enemies. And isn't that the overriding message of your cartoon as well?
  7. well duh!

    Giving away free cheese to all comers and not securing our borders is great for rationalizing the need for a police state.

    soros would have you believe the leftists had nothing to do with creating any of it.
    wake the fuck up , pie
  8. Hey, I got an idea. How about we sacrifice some American soldiers in the ME so they can come over here and bomb us.
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  10. Years ago my boss got a bomb threat, he told the caller fuck you and hung up. The guy calls back and then instead of asking for the boss just told whoever answered the phone that a bomb was going to go off at 11;30. The employee then told the boss about the bomb threat call. It was weird watching the clock but nothing happened. We just kept working.
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