The War on Kids

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  2. look interesting. I'll have to check where I can view this on line
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    Some instances I can recall as a result of this ridiculous zero tolerance BS.

    Elementary age kids expelled for playing cops and robbers.

    A young girl being expelled for folding a piece of paper into the shape of a gun.

    Another child expelled for possession of an ibuprofen.

    A poor kid who took a knife away from a suicidal friend. Told school authorities it was in his locker, and then got expelled for possession of a weapon.
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    ADD was literally invented to describe symptoms that irritate teachers.

    A significant number of school shootings are perpetrated by kids on or withdrawing from doctor administered antidepressants.
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    The film ended with video of several cops handcuffing a small girl I'd estimate to be about 6 - 7 years old. She was crying and obviously scared to death. I'm by no means a compassionate guy, but I literally felt sorrow for her.

    3 - 4 armed adults can't handle a little girl, without handcuffs?
    It made me want to take a ball bat to the officers.