The 'Wah! Wah! Wah!, My Vagina Hurts!' Obama-Hating Crowd on ET...

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  1. worse than the 'Wah! Wah! Bush crowd, by a mile.

    I am not particularly fond of Obama's economic policy - inn fact, I've been very vocally critical of the carryover of basically the same TARP & TALF, fed quantitative easing policies undertaken by Bernanke and Goldman and his minion, Geithner, under Bush.

    There is a fact here, however. Obama's been in office for 100 days, while Bush was in office for at least 2 years if not 4 before the 'Wah! Wah! Wah!' began, and it's becoming increasingly clear why the GOP 'avowed members' list is shrinking to decade lows...

    ...there are obviously many (not all, obviously) little pansies filling the ranks of the Grand Old Party.

    G.O.P. = Gullible, (very) Old or Pussy-Crybabies.

  2. And this is totally confirmed by the Nielson rating service and their recent announcement that the average age of the Faux News viewer is 63.9 years!:D
  3. Viva Viagra!


  4. Several of my neighbors are retirees...(e.g. 80 yrs old plus) They have that shit on from dawn 'til dusk.

    It's pitiful really...but I don't have the heart to let them in on the joke. :D Their kids, who are my age, just roll their eyes.

  5. And, judging by the likes of a few of their heroes, I'm fairly confident that a goodly number of them are just a few pork rinds away from a long overdue coronary. Nothing quite like a clean slate, eh? And so we wait...
  6. What planet are you from? They threw eggs at Bush on his inauguration day. It started day one. I don't recall anyone throwing eggs at Obama. Clinton's people vandalized White House computers and removed all the 'W's from computer keyboards.
  7. If that did happen then it was because it was perceived that Bush was awarded the election over Gore who won the popular vote.

    And that "vandalizing" story was a talk radio myth.


  8. Who says you have to be Republican to bash Obama? He is a sitting duck for criticism. I always thought the party of George McGovern or tough guy Walter Mondale were the limp-wristed panzies.

    Oh yeah, I forgot ballet dancer Rahm Emanuel.
  9. I mistakenly said Republic Party affiliation has sunk to 'decade lows,' when in fact, it has sunk to all time lows.

    Sorry for the mistake.
  10. Really? I don't remember that but I will take your word for it. But, hey, where's the harm. Eggs, shoes; they were just trying to feed and clothe the guy. They're "socialists, " don't you know.

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