The Vulcan Report - Documenting the Economic Collapse of the entire global system.

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Vulcan Trader, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Today marks this post in this blog as I attempt to document the crises. This should be an experience that I hope will teach the generations to come how to avoid the mistakes of the past.
  2. Dude, stocks are surging higher every day. Are you that delusional?

  3. The fact that stocks are surging higher have nothing to do with the matter. The mother of all Pump and Dumps is under way.
    I will attempt to chronicle the entire move even if the Dow, SP 500 and NASDAQ 100 get back to historic highs eventually the house of cards is going to crash and this time there will be no coming back for humpty dumpty.


    So to answer your question NO! I'm not delusional Im just a realist. How about YOU? are YOU in denial?

    NOTE: I know your not delusional because you already have your put options in hand

  4. Was Spock consulted with this finding before you released it?

    I believe it was Spock who said that it is illogical to keep shorting and keep losing in this market.
  5. :D

    excellent post.


  6. wiridil


    Health Care passage was gonna be death of market.

    It wasn't.

    Bad number at 10 am and dow up over 100 today. Market is making slow steady gains at what seems to be a very sustainable pace. Inflation isn't happening, jobs #s aren't getting any worse even if they aren't getting better.

    Not sure what could cause the market's "demise" at this point.
  7. ashatet


    Markets are a mere 21% down from the all time high on DJIA. The economic conditions are not great. This goes to show that the stock market has little to do with the real economic reality.

    It is also possible that the people in the know know something that we do not know, for instance, they can see things getting better for good.

  8. It's also possible the people "in the know" are economic illiterates who couldn't care less if the U.S. loses its Triple A rating or if health care is going to have cost overruns in the neighborhood of SS and Medicare.
  9. I moved this to the Journal section. Vulcan, feel free to update new videos and analysis here in this thread. Remember, though, that you cannot link or advertise your site on this forum without first becoming a sponsor.

    Youtube is fine in this context.
  10. It is just as I indicated above. PUMP N DUMP. Just how high this market will go is unknown. The only thing we can do is go long on the way up but be prepared for the rug to be pulled out from underneath without notice or warning. I will do my best to document the entire event as it unfolds.
    #10     Mar 24, 2010