The Votes Are Not There For Bailout

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  1. If the votes were there they would be voting. The RAGE on main street is to great.
  2. Watch C-SPAN they are getting after it.
  3. longs better be on their hands and knees right now praying this thing doesnt pass.

    I guess they were too 'busy' over the weekend watching steriod taking thugs chase a ball up and down a field than to complain to their members of Congress about something that would directly affect them.

    Most likely 90% of people on ET dont even know the names of their Senators let alone anybody else representing their state.They wouldnt know who to turn to in the first place.
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    so the market will rally if bill doesn't pass?
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    if they pass it or not the markets are headed lower....

    Forget about the bailout plan, there is no reason to own anything in the market now. We are in a recession and one of the biggest global bear markets in history.
  6. The reason they have not voted yet is because they did not have the votes.

    But we will see a vote.

    The reason they waited to vote is to allow the markets to put some pressure on those reluctant to pass it.

    There are events when the outcome is unknown.

    I think the most favorable odds of the bill passing the House are 50/50. It is of course a done deal in the Senate.

    The vote is certainly major political and economic history.
  7. house minority leader john BONER sloshing a load of shit in favor of this theft

    funny how certain they know that their constituants want them to go against them
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    Now they are all patting themselves on the back about what heroes those voting for the bill are.
  9. Passage is a done deal.
  10. so therefor, we must go in hock to the communist chinese to give welfare to billionairs

    lost jobs?

    these pricks have a guest worker bill sitting in the wings, it was scheduled for vote the first day of the bailout

    cock sucking liars (and not just barny frank)
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