The volume has turned ...

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  1. It looks like the December contract has the higher volume now.
  2. Quah


    Yes, the contracts always rollover the thursday before the week they expire as far as volume goes.
  3. Why is that?
  4. Because they are supposed to ...

  5. There is a great explanation!

    OK, but they don't expire for another week, right? Why doesn't volume roll over NEXT Thursday? I am asking because I never understood this.
  6. Basically it is two Thursdays prior to expiration; that is just the way it works ...
  7. Sarasota,

    You're pretty knowledgable on ES contracts for making an average of 10 points per day!
  8. Apparently not this time, huh?
  9. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses ...
  10. the Thursday prior to exp because the "current" contract doesn't have much relevance as it gets this close to exp.

    ie: spoo = cash (@ exp)
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