The Voice Of The People Will Need To Remove Obama

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    Abuse Of Power: Any scandal investigation that expects a "Eureka!" moment, a White House e-mail, or Oval Office smoking gun will be misguided. In fact, the dots are already connected directly to the president.

    Barack Obama is not foolish enough to have a tape recording system hidden in his desk. And his administration staff are not careless enough to send one another incriminating e-mails.

    If the president was behind the IRS unlawfully harassing conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, we can be sure the communications were all sotto voce and in persona, like any good Chicago political operator.

    But as the Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel reminds us, Obama's 2008 campaign was demanding the Justice Department criminally prosecute conservative groups with 501(c)4 tax-exempt status. Then, last year, President Obama's re-election campaign "targeted private citizens who had donated to Romney groups."

    The chief operative? Longtime Democratic Party lawyer Robert Bauer, general counsel for Obama's presidential campaigns, White House general counsel during Obama's first term, Democratic National Committee general counsel, and the Democrats' counsel in President Bill Clinton's Senate impeachment trial. And, not least, husband of Democratic political strategist Anita Dunn, White House communications director in Obama's first term, and now an MSNBC contributor.

    Bauer is author of "Soft Money, Hard Law: A Guide to the New Campaign Finance Law," and serves on the American Bar Association's Advisory Commission on Election Law.

    When you've got a legal Rottweiler like Bauer setting the cutthroat example to one and all within the Obama administration regarding the wishes of the president, does anyone really think he — or others in the administration — needed marching orders when it comes to the government's attitude toward opponents of Obama's ideology who were seeking tax-exempt status?

    Does anyone really think Obama had to tell Bauer — or anyone else in the administration — if it was OK to, as John Dean once indelicately put it, "use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies"?

    The climate of hate for Obama's political enemies was well established among those around him even before he became president.

    It's clear the president, without having to utter a word, approved all along the idea of going after them.
  2. I was the voice of the people who elected Obama, they also know that this scandal stuff is winger hysteria. What is sad for the wingers is that they are blissfully unaware that they are sowing the seeds for another dem in the white house.
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    You didn't even vote, RCG!

    And, from the opinion I read in the press from left and right, you seem to be incorrect on your other point, too.

    But, thanks for posting. :D
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    Without even casting a vote? That's a neat trick. What's next, you know how to fly a plane even though you never took flying lessons?
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    Our buddy, Buckwheat, has so many lies out there that he can't remember which is lie and which is truth. He has them all mixed up in his little nursey mind.
  6. I=It. You guys are so easily confused, I do need to type more slowly going forward.
  7. Flying a plane does not require a high school education, nuff said.
  8. 1)No confusion about it: At least 70% of the time you don't know what the fuck you are talking about and I estimate you are lying 40% of the time as well.

    But you are very entertaining in a pathetic ,racist, terrorist dirt bag supporting, sort of way.

    2) Well it would help if you didn't type faster than you can think.

    How are those KKK checks coming along?
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    So? The question involved flying LESSONS, not high school. Read more slowly next time Buckwheat. And more importantly THINK before you post.
  10. You take great pride in being a sky cabbie, and that's okay, I guess.
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